Wedding Dress Donations

If you are interested in donating your wedding dress, please email for details.   Gowns should be white and should not have a “cigarette smell” as that is the request from hospitals.  Gowns out of knit / stretchy fabrics are too hard to work with for these Angel Gowns.  Wedding dresses that have been cleaned are much appreciated.  When you email, details can be sent on how to wash your gown in the machine.   The biggest need is for little boy gowns.  White satin gowns  with minimal bead work and lace are greatly needed for these.

Once the Tiny Angel Gowns have been made from your wedding dress, pictures are posted on the FaceBook Site.  Please check there for some of the stories of those who have already donated their gowns.  Thank you for allowing me to create Tiny Angel Gowns from your wedding dress and donate them to hospitals !

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