Want To Help?

This project has a  gigantic impact  on grieving families. More than 250 hospitals are regularly sent boxes of gowns.  Usually a hospital is sent a box of gowns with enough to last them a year.  This saves on postage.

If you would like to contribute, you can see the supply list below.
Sending supplies, a wedding gown, or a monetary donation towards this project is greatly appreciated.  Postage to send boxes of gowns to hospitals is most needed.  Please EMAIL me if you would like to make a donation towards postage. Thank you.

Link to Donation Address or Email

Supplies Needed

Fabric:  Flannel for diapers is most needed – tiny prints, solid pastel colors and white.  Tiny print cotton fabric also works well for diapers.

Lace: Flat or ruffled, 1/4” – 1″;    White

White Velcro: Any size, sew-in type

Thread: White Serger Cones

Ribbon: 1/8” and 1/4” sizes. White & Pastel colors
​Embellishments : Tiny ribbon roses and tiny
embroidered rose buds for gowns, hats, and burial wraps.

Other:  soft white cotton fabric for gowns, and white fleece for 8″ blanket wraps

Here are some specific links to items most often used by Tiny Angel Gowns:

Ribbon trims for gowns:  Pink Gingham ribbon, can also use pastel blue gingham  Zoo animals in blue  Zoo animals in pink  Aqua Dot ribbon…  can use aqua and pastel pink or blue

Train ribbon:



Used on the hooded edge of the blanket wraps for babies too tiny to dress.