About Us


A small tag attached to the gown reads “Tiny Angels touch our hearts forever…”  Made by Grandma Angel.

One cannot begin to imagine the heartbreak of having to say Hello and Goodbye to a child all at the same time.  Yet too many parents face this scenario and in that moment  cannot even begin to find a gown for this precious child that might be only the size of your hand!   Tiny Angel Gowns  began in the quiet little town of Mountain Top, PA in 2008.  (now moved to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas)  Colleen and her husband recently retired. She was a college professor.  Teaching is one of her passions along with this charity organization.

Tiny Angel Gowns — It’s mission is  to design,  sew, and donate  gowns, hats, and diapers to hospitals for these unexpected losses.    “Grandma Angel” calls them Hello-Good Bye outfits. Sewing, designing and creating things with fabric was always part of her life. She started sewing  with her grandmother as a young child. Grandma Meta lived to be 105 and was still knitting hats and donating them to hospitals when she passed away in 2015.   This mission of making  preemie burial gowns began after the heart-break of a cousin who lost a baby prematurely  and  a conversation with a local hospital inquiring about knowing anyone who could sew….

So research was done  on gestational sizes, patterns designed, supplies gathered,  and gowns and hats became reality.  Hospitals were contacted and boxes of gowns were shipped out.  The word began to spread.

Today over 300 hospitals from the Northeast, to the Midwest, and down to the South receive donations of the gowns/hats/diapers in five different sizes.    8″ hooded little buntings are sewn from fleece and decorated for the tiniest babies, too tiny to dress, so that parents can wrap and cuddle this Tiny Angel Baby.

There is no profit, all expenses come out of pocket. With the help of her husband and recently a small group of local women, the creation of gowns has increased.    Special thanks to everyone who keeps on eye out for a bargain on supplies and sends them!

The goal of this web site is to bring awareness to the number of early losses (something like a half a million babies born every year too soon) and to the need for preemie bereavement gowns across the country.  As long as the need continues and there is fabric in her sewing room, Grandma Angel as she is called, will be busy at her sewing machine !   If you would like to help, please click over to our donate tab, up top.